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False Alarms or Quick Support 



Important Notice: If you have a false alarm please do the following.


  1. Contact the Monitoring Station at: 1-888-526-8221

  2. Provide your account number or your address.

  3. Answer the security question and inform the operator that you had a false alarm and not to dispatch police.


To place the system on test please follow the same process and inform the operator the time you would like your system on test.


Thank you.


When working with our customer we have three methods of Support: Support Ticket, Quick Meeting and Quick Support.  


Support Ticket

Submit Support Ticket


Quick Meeting


Join a Meeting screenshot

After the installation has finished please enter your meeting ID. Provided and your name.


Quick Support


Allow Remote Control screenshot


After the installion has finished please provde (Your ID) to our support.


Contact us if you have any questions